7 MARES Vermouth

The concept for 7 MARES Vermouth comes from two Portuguese traditions. On the one hand, our fortified wines, which epitomise the light and the terroir of the motherland. On the other, the history of Portugal’s navigational discoveries, the open horizons, the desire to depart and the will to return home. Grapes, wines, aromatic herbs, spices, salt and sea breeze. 100% natural products, powerfully combined in a bottle with a cork. This is the adventure of 7 MARES Vermouth. Read more.

What is vermouth?

Vermouth is an aromatic, wine-based drink. Read more.


The team

Rita Marques
Maker of wines from the Douro and worldwide, trained and worked in some exceptional terroirs. Rita is the leader of Conceito Wines, a brand that in just over 10 years has earned a legion of followers around the world, with wines that are pure, authentic and elegant, shipped to more than 40 countries. Get in touch.

Luis Antunes
Professor at Universidade de Lisboa, gourmet and epicurean. Luis has worked as a wine and food journalist for more than 15 years. That has enabled him to taste and rate thousands of wines from dozens of origins, to travel to the places where the wines are made and the places where they are drunk, following and reflecting on recent trends and the role of food and wine at our table. Get in touch.


7 MARES Vermouth takes its name and inspiration from the Portuguese travellers who left in search of spices and better times. Portugal was instrumental in defining the map of the world. Grapes, wines, liqueurs, aromatic herbs, citruses, spices from here, there and everywhere. Sea-scented breezes, salt and sunshine concentrated in a cool, fresh and fragrant drink – sophisticated, appealing and sensual. Read more.

What's special about it

Its aromas are obtained only from natural products in a delicate balance between sweetness, acidity, texture and subtle bitterness. It will offer you moments of lingering pleasure in the mouth – reminiscent of sea, sun and light. Perfect on its own, chilled or with ice, it is also an excellent addition for sophisticated cocktails.

Enjoy it

At a time when the art of bartending is establishing itself, with growing interest in local and natural products, 7 MARES the Portuguese Vermouth asserts itself as a natural hand-crafted drink, and is a perfect addition to the cocktails made by the new generation of bartenders.


The wine comes in 750ml bottles with the new Helix packaging system, which combines a classical Bordeaux glass bottle with an ergonomically-designed cork, enabling the opening of the bottle by hand, with no need for a corkscrew. This system is a project by two global market leaders in wine packaging, the Portuguese cork producer Corticeira Amorim and the American glass producer O-I.


— dry white wines

— fortified wines

— 32 selected botanicals:

  • spices
  • aromatic herbs
  • dried flowers
  • natural fruit extracts
  • essential fruit oils
  • — and nothing else

    Perfect Serve

    On its own with ice or in sophisticated cocktails.

    Perfect Serve:


    6cl 7 MARES Vermouth
    Dip half of the rim in fleur de sel. Add ice up to half of the glass. Cut a wedge of cucumber and put it in. Pour 7 MARES vermouth. Enjoy.


    8 Mares

    4cl 7 MARES Vermouth
    6cl Ginger Beer
    Pour the drinks over a glass ful of ice. Add orange peel for decoration.


    Portugroni 4-4-2

    4cl 7 MARES Vermouth
    4cl Gin
    2cl Bitter
    Add the drinks to the shaker together with crushed ice and shake it for 30 seconds. Strain into a glass with ice cubes. Twist orange zest on top and embellish with thin slices of orange.

    Long Drink:

    Deep Sea

    6cl 7 MARES Vermouth
    20cl soda
    Damp the rim of a tall glass with lemon juice and dip it in fleur de sel. Serve with lots of ice, a slice of lemon and a cinnamon stick.

    International distribution

    for further information contact
    Rita Marques

    E-mail: rita@vermute7MARES.com

    Telephone: +351 93 9000 350